Benefits of Buying Your Warehouse From a Reputed Real Estate brand

As an entrepreneur, the symbolic representation of success is watching your small venture from a garage transcend into a full-blown warehouse. The expansion of your business needs an address that can harbour greater benchmarks

There are several parameters to be evaluated while buying a warehouse, but one consistent factor that can guarantee a lucrative investment is an association with a reputed real estate developer like House of Hiranandani, who understands the value of setting up an enterprise.

A perfect base for new-age entrepreneurs

A common mistake for new entrepreneurs is the inability to adapt to the expanding stage of their business.  Space can play a crucial role in meeting business requirements in the growing stage.

As a new player in the market, it is suggested that you partner with reputed real estate developers who have expertise in providing spaces that can harbour growth. It is beneficial for start-ups who might not have insight into warehousing; thus, helping them set up their base from scratch.

Efficient warehousing technology

To be a step ahead of your competitors entails you to offer expeditious services and efficient products. A warehouse plays a key role in ensuring that your products are secured and organized for timely delivery.

However, the benefit of choosing a reliable real estate  developer is that they incorporate state-of-the-art technology that augments efficiency and time-effectiveness. Some of the top industrial 

real estate  developers have implemented a majority of the following smart warehousing solutions–

➔    Automated Picking Tools

➔    Automated Guided Vehicles

➔    Automated Inventory control platforms

➔    Warehouse Management System

➔    IoT Integration

Robust Foundation

Businesses have to thrive under unforeseeable circumstances, all the while sustaining their efficacy. To always remain a step ahead of the competition, one must have a reliable domain that is adaptable to varying requirements.

Building quality, innovation, security, insurance, and contingency are the essential factors of any warehouse. Associating with a  steadfast establishment is an assurance  of sustainability for your business.

For example, in flood-prone areas in Chennai, it is crucial to have a system that would shield your warehouse. Hiranandani Industrial Parks in Chennai has incorporated several sustainable measures that protect your inventory from any damage due to rainfall during their transit from warehouse to the carrier.

➔    Robust stormwater drainage system to withstand maximum rainfall

➔    Semi-paved areas provided for water percolation

➔    Roof slopes designed for quick water drainage.

Such measures assure that the warehousing facility in Chennai is a lucrative asset for your business.

Transparency in contracts

Unlike residential projects, transactions in warehousing space  require multiple factors to be considered while formulating a contract.

Moreover, the time frame plays a key role in budgeting your leasing contract. In such cases, it is advised to underwrite with a company that maintains transparency in the contracts.

If a storage warehouse for lease is offered by a developer, they should provide details about refundable security advances, lock-in period, maintenance, tenant’s insurance, issued increments, late charges, NOCs, and so on.

The reputation of a warehouse  developer is validated by loyalty, transparency and upfront transactions with customers.

Besides, if the property is ‘RERA registered’, it implies that the developer is genuine in its conduct.

Leasing facilities according to business needs

Apart from transparency, another facet of a proficient industrial real estate developer is that they offer facilities that allow entrepreneurs to grow. Scalability plays a very important role in determining your streamlined operations.

Since Chennai is the largest industrial centre in South India for manufacturing and production,customisable warehousing services in Chennai are gaining traction.  As your business evolves, the space is designed accordingly.

Besides this, a developer also issues leasing facilities as per your business needs. The two main categories are the Net leasing system and the Gross leasing system, where the client can opt for spacing requirements as per their business needs.

Credibility to your enterprise

The benefit of a reputed industrial real estate  developer is that your business acquires credibility through association. As a third-party investor in your business, your client will inspect every asset of your company before investing. Thus, it is imperative to present an efficient image of the back-end operations of your company to gain trust among the investors.

What better way to showcase this than a well-maintained commercial complex and a reliable name House of Hiranandani behind it? Among several Chennai warehouse companies; Hiranandani Industrial Parks is redefining the address of your business.

Why Hiranandani Industrial Parks fits this mould?

From the legacy of the House of Hiranandani, this project is incepted to provide a similar level of commitment and quality in the industrial infrastructure of India. Hiranandani Industrial Parks is considered the most extensive project among warehousing companies in Chennai, owing to the vast acres of land, swift connectivity, and quality of the warehouse for sale in Chennai. Hiranandani Industrial Park is your quintessential project for warehousing in Chennai, backed by a rich legacy that understands what a customer needs. So, start your venture with Hiranandani Industrial Parks.