5 Global Trends Transforming Warehousing Industry

Global E-Commerce shopping trends have changed significantly over the past few years. As a result, it has shaped how the warehousing industry is functioning and competing worldwide. The technological innovation, process & system simplification, or an all-embracing transformation enables the warehouse industry to continue providing excellent value to businesses

Moving from ‘cost-centre’ to ‘control centre,’ effectively managed warehouses play a massive part in transforming your business’s success story. In India, we can see that companies are prioritising streamlined connectivity. At the same time, a global trend setting foot in our country is of heavy utilisation of renewable energy sources.

We at Hiranandani Industrial Parks have ensured that our warehousing facility in Chennai is in the loop and connected with the following five global warehousing trends:

Benefits of a Customised Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouses run most efficiently with a coherent warehouse management system (WMS). The need for partial automation of conveyors or automated sortation systems, transport management systems, and voice recognition is soaring by the day.

Companies providing Industrial warehousing services opt to get customised WMS software because it allows their warehouses to be digitized and function more efficiently.

A WMS application is guaranteed to increase your warehouse’s productivity while lowering costs. A WMS software will also help in managing inventory, order picking, replenishment, shipping, and labour. Thus, it results in efficient and faster handling of workload, subsequently benefitting your business.

It’s time to Go Green.

The warehousing industry is moving to greener business models to reduce carbon footprint and over-reliance on traditional energy sources. A strong focus on creating sustainable competencies will allow their clients to benefit from reduced operating costs in the long run.

House of Hiranandani’s Warehousing facility in Chennai is equipped with energy-efficient equipment for optimal utilisation of power. New warehouses are also developed with energy-efficient and recycling systems, thus ensuring a more sustainable and eco-friendly model for environment-conscious organisations.

Rental Warehouses

A recent turn in tides has seen large enterprises within the e-commerce domain, B2B manufacturing, and retail industries opting for short-term rental warehouses that cater to the seasonal fluctuation in demand. It allows agility to increase production when the demand rises, without having to deal with variation in quality or storage.

When companies operate on a region-specific product or are targeting a total addressable market (TAM), companies opt for rental warehouses to suffice the demand for that region. This approach helps in scaling businesses with flexible infrastructure.

GPS Tracking for Inventory and Delivery Service

A location status update helps maintain transparency between you and the customer. By using geo-fencing, you always have the real time information as to where the item is stored or located in your warehouse, or whether an item you searched for has reached the warehouse from the pickup location. This real time tracking feature is an absolute necessity of today.

The Focus is on Optimising Delivery Time

As e-retail chains promise to deliver products faster by the day, warehousing companies start looking at new ways to reduce delivery times while ensuring that there is no compromise in the quality. The cutting-edge technological resources, improving on-ground delivery networks, and better warehouse management yield expeditious services.

Enterprises are looking to reduce the burden on traditional warehouses by opting for more agile models that offer reverse logistics services as well. As online shopping is another word for “impulse buying”, businesses streamline their reverse logistics operations to ensure seamless customer service with the return policy.

 It is imperative that the top logistics companies in Chennai adapt to this trend to sustain the industrial expansion. Due to cost-effective and progressive warehousing services in Chennai, MSMEs are getting abundant opportunities to compete in the free market. 


A warehouse company in India that is primarily focused on providing cutting-edge expertise in the industry is Hiranandani Industrial Parks.

 Our project is located 50 mins away from the ‘Key Consumption Zones of Chennai,’ giving your business an edge over your competition in terms of delivery time. Addressing how the industry is shifting towards greener alternatives, our facility is designed to ensure efficient consumption of resources, resulting in lower running costs for your enterprise. At the same time, the floor is designed so that your Warehouse Management System application will give higher outputs at minimal tweaking.

Hiranandani Industrial Parks is providing you witha warehouse for rent in Chennai that consistently adheres to the industry’s changing trends, intending to redefine the industrial landscape.