Eco-friendly Warehousing: Developing Sustainable Solutions with Hiranandani Industrial Parks

Are you looking for a space enabling your business to grow and expand? Hiranandani Industrial Parks create spaces that inspire great ideas and advance comprehensive development. With 40 years of experience in the construction vertical, we offer Grade A+ infrastructure that meets the highest quality standards. Our customised warehouses are built to meet new-age difficulties by exploiting functional information and networking communication. They are nimble, versatile, secure, and strong.

In this blog, we will explore the eco-friendly features of Hiranandani Industrial Parks and how they contribute to sustainable warehousing solutions.

Why choose Hiranandani Industrial Parks?

At IGBC-Certified Hiranandani Industrial Parks, sustainability is at the core of our development approach. To create eco-friendly developments, a specialised team of specialists develops and implements sustainable construction practices. The parks are built with strong features that create a healthy work environment and comply with global requirements for environmental conservation.

Businesses can enjoy various benefits that contribute to their productivity and success by choosing Hiranandani Industrial Parks. These benefits include increased productivity, optimised warehouse capacity, a better work environment and working conditions, and compliance with global environmental conservation requirements.

Sustainable Design

One of the critical aspects of sustainable warehousing is the design of industrial parks. Hiranandani Industrial Parks offer design flexibility, allowing businesses to customise their space according to their specific requirements. The user-friendly design model ensures efficient operations and maximises the utilisation of resources.

Landscape and Greenery

Hiranandani Industrial Parks prioritise the inclusion of abundant green spaces within their premises. These green spaces not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the parks but also serve functional purposes. They facilitate water percolation, contributing to groundwater recharge and supporting the local ecosystem. Moreover, the parks comply with statutory pollution control norms, ensuring a clean and green environment.

Flood-Proof Development

In areas prone to heavy rainfall, flood-proof development becomes crucial. Hiranandani Industrial Parks implement a robust stormwater drainage system to withstand maximum rain. Semi-paved areas are provided for water percolation, minimising the risk of flooding. Additionally, the roof slopes are designed for quick water drainage, reducing the chances of water accumulation.

Resource Utilisation

Optimising resource utilisation is another vital aspect of sustainable warehousing. Hiranandani Industrial Parks implement various strategies to achieve this. Rainwater is efficiently managed through recharge pits, reducing dependence on external water sources. Sewage treatment plants ensure proper disposal of wastewater, minimising environmental impact. Waste management practices are also implemented to reduce landfill waste. The parks incorporate an energy-efficient lighting system, skylights, and air vents to optimise natural light and ventilation. Moreover, high-quality materials are used in construction to ensure durability and minimise the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Our Inspirations for the Road Ahead

At Hiranandani Industrial Parks, sustainability has always been a driving force. Our founder, Mr. Surendra Hiranandani, has been passionate about eco-friendly development long before it became a global topic of discussion. The eco-friendly approach encompasses rainwater harvesting, energy preservation, garbage removal, and environmentally friendly construction techniques. We reflect on our commitment to sustainable development with transparent and ethical business practices. 

Choose Hiranandani Industrial Parks and join us in creating a sustainable and secure business future.