Top 8 Features of Ideal Warehouses

1 Strategic Location

The characteristic of an ideal warehouse begins with an area that accelerates your business operations. A multimodal transport system allows you to choose a mode/route that presents the fastest transit.

Chennai— a city, located on the Eastern Coastal Plains, has several prominent ports. Warehouse developers in Chennai have leveraged this mode for easy transportation of heavy cargo.

Proximity to the airport is yet another crucial factor for warehousing as it allows faster movement of goods. Industries that require quick transit relies on this mode; hence warehouses that have easy access to airports are preferred. 

Railways are the other preferred option as it is economical and allows employees to commute with ease.

Hiranandani Industrial Parks Chennai offers these multimodal options owing to its strategic location in Red Hills.


  • Chennai Port 31 km – 40 mins
  • Ennore Port 29 km – 50 mins
  • Kattupalli Port 32 km – 55 mins


Chennai International Airport 41 km – 65 mins


  • Chennai Central Railway Station 32 km – 55 mins
  • Ponneri Railway Station 13 km – 20 mins
  • Kavaraipettai Railway Station 16 km – 20 mins

The presence of robust infrastructure enhances connectivity and enables an efficient supply chain for your warehousing facility in Chennai.

Proximity to industrial hubs and trade corridors

The networking and collaboration opportunities increase if your business base is located near industries. Hiranandani Industrial Parks is located in close proximity to the following industrial hubs–

  • Chennai CBD: 27 Kms – 40 mins
  • Sri City: 48 Kms – 75 mins
  • Madhavaram: 18 Kms – 30 mins
  • Tiruvallur: 43 Kms – 60 mins

Trade corridors are structured routes to facilitate trade & transport between states, thus stimulating economic development. It links the prominent manufacturing hubs, market areas with high supply & demand, and producers of value-added goods. Presence of such corridors signifies that the area is well-developed with strong infrastructure.

Red Hills, Chennai is a central industrial zone near major economic corridors– TN Defence Corridor, thereby enhancing your business reach.

Proximity to Consumption zones

You must have quick access to the target market for a successful business. Hiranandani Industrial Parks is located 50 mins from the key consumption zone, thus minimizing your logistics costs. 

2 Cost-effective

You can also save your operational costs with the following methods.

Efficient space solutions for value generation

Well-designed warehousing storage solutions can optimize space without extending the budget. Hiranandani Industrial Parks offer optimum floor plates with multi-faceted design flexibility that allows our customers to customize & augment the storage space. This further presents scalability as your business evolves without interrupting your operations.

Energy-efficient facilities to minimize costs

Another essential aspect of warehousing is the energy-efficient infrastructure that minimizes your operational costs without impacting the output. Hiranandani Industrial Parks has provisions for–

  • External LED lighting
  • Skylights and ventilation, which reduces the use of air-conditioning
  • Efficient Electrical Infrastructure with DG backup

Time-efficiency with Grade-A infrastructure

The Grade A infrastructure provides safety, speed & convenience, thereby optimizing logistics costs. It also enables improved efficiency and timely performance. 

Hiranandani Industrial Parks include thoughtfully planned and well constructed  premises that enable smooth transit of vehicles from the warehousing space. Our key features include–

  • Black-top & concrete internal roads and aprons.
  • Well-structured dimensions of internal roads such as–
    • 15M wide entrance road for easy transit of two carriers at the same time.
    • Total 28M wide distance between two warehouses.
    • 2.5M wide pedestrian path
    • 9M wide road
    • 16.5 M wide apron
    • 8M turning radius for easy maneuvering of trucks without damage to goods.

3 Safety Measures

Securing the premises with a robust security system

An ideal warehouse ensures the complete safety of your business. Our park provides utmost security with the following features–

  • Gated property with CCTV monitoring & 24X7 park level security.
  • Fire safety: provisions for sprinklers/fire hydrants with required DG & water storage system.
  • Secured premises with boom barriers.

Measures to minimise impact due to extreme climatic conditions

Enterprises have to consider the extreme rainfall that the city experiences every year. This creates a challenging situation for warehousing in Chennai. Hiranandani Industrial Parks has integrated flood-proof mechanisms such as–

  • Robust stormwater drainage system to withstand maximum rainfall
  • Semi-paved areas provided for water percolation
  • Roof slopes designed for quick water drainage

These features do not restrict movement of vehicles during heavy rainfall, thereby providing for uninterrupted operations. 

Well habitated zone to abolish concerns of safety

A secured locality is crucial for the safety of your warehouse. 

  • Hiranandani Industrial Park is only 900 meters off the NH-16 (Chennai-Kolkata Highway) & SH-51 (Tirupati road), which are one of the bustling locations in the city. 
  • The park is located near Periyapalayam, Thatchoor, and Kannigaipair villages, which are well-populated areas. 
  • Near consumption centres including fire station, hospital, police station, all located within a 5 kms radius from Hiranandani Industrial Parks.

4 Parking Arrangements

The parking arrangements at Hiranandani Industrial Parks are designed to provide convenience and safety. These facilities include–

  • Single side docking facility that allows complete privacy between opposite warehouses.
  • Common parking space for trucks, four, and two-wheelers.
  • Common rest area and facilities for drivers around the site.

5 Warehouse interiors

An ideal warehouse has interiors that can easily accommodate all kinds of  machinery, enable fast-paced operations and productivity. 

Our warehouses are designed with the following features–

  • 12 meters at Eaves for maximum vertical storage space. 
  • 5MT/sq. Mt. floor loading capacity with FM2 flooring that can handle heavy storage. 
  • The facility provides for large spaces to store a variety of goods with ease.
  • Warehouses are designed to bring in ample naturally light and fresh air. 
  • A dedicated inlet/outlet for transit of goods.

6 Custom Space solution

Built-to-suit spaces, customized according to industry

Every industry has a specific protocol of functioning. Spaces should be designed in a way that accommodates storage accordingly.

We are a warehouse service provider in Chennai, wherein we first evaluate your requirements and accordingly suggest the dimensions for your business. Our space solutions cater to the following industries–

  • FMCG
  • FMCD industrial & manufacturing
  • EV manufacturing
  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics)
  • Warehousing
  • E-Commerce

Spaces that cater to modern business requirements

Digitization has brought a new wave in business operations. As a result, we see a huge shift in the way businesses operate with customer-centricity. The new-age entrepreneurs demand an ecosystem that meets the modern requirements such as– 

  1. Quick-response time
  2. Versatility 
  3. Sustainable spaces 
  4. Provisions for reverse logistics
  5. Enabling order-tracking for customers

Provisions for further scalability

Such built-to-suit warehouses consider your current business operations and allow scalability as your business evolves. 

Hiranandani Industrial Parks offers a vast land parcel of 60 acres with a total leasable area of 12.5 Lakh sq.ft; thus presenting ample opportunity for scaling.

7 Legal norms

Clear title

The warehousing space at Hiranandani Industrial Parks enjoys  clear title, an integral requirement for any business. This avoids any legal disputes that may occur due to unclear title of the land. 

Compliance with statutory norms

Compliance with all statutory norms is essential for the smooth functioning of the business. Hiranandani Industrial Parks complies with all the necessary regulations that not only ensure business continuity but also provide for safety and security. 

Designed as per regulations for Grade-A quality

An ideal warehouse is characterized by Grade-A standards. A few specifications of these warehouses are–

  • Well-built floor loading capacity and extra height for maximum storage solutions. 
  • Provisions for better MHE(Material Handling Equipment)
  • Fire prevention & detection systems
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Dedicated space for parking of carriers
  • Proper placement of STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) and WTP (Water Treatment Plant)

As mentioned in the previous sections, Hiranandani Industrial Parks has maintained these standards for optimum performance.

8 Proper Management

Regular maintenance and inspection

Continuous business operations require planned, timely and accurate management of infrastructure and resources to avoid any last minute hassle. 

Training of staff

It is imperative to train your staff in warehousing services to ensure complete safety while maintaining productivity.

Recycle-reuse-reduce model

Lastly, integrate recycling methods in your warehouse to minimise waste from byproducts. 

Reuse the packaging as and when needed.

This will help in reducing waste, thus making your warehouse eco-friendly. 


An ideal warehouse is self-sustainable while providing longevity to your business. Hiranandani Industrial Parks is an emerging name among warehousing companies in Chennai that provides wholesome facilities for your warehouse.