Hiranandani Industrial Parks: Warehouse For Rent In Chennai

Hiranandani Industrial Parks presents a progressive industrial infrastructure. The warehouse developers in Chennai solely cater to clients’ requirements with space solutions across industries like 3PL, FMCG, FMCD industrial & manufacturing, EV manufacturing, E-Commerce, & warehousing.

Here are a few factors that make this project a reliable long-term growth partner:


A true measure of a business’s reliability is efficiency in the end-to-end cycle . A systematic production/manufacturing process without a streamlined supply chain can incur high operational costs. 

Red Hills, Chennai is a pre-dominantly industrial zone that facilitates an uninterrupted cycle due to its proximity to multi-modal transport.

  1. PORTS
  • Chennai Port: The 2nd largest port in India is accessible in under 40 mins (31 km).
  • Ennore Port: Located on the Coromandel coast, this prominent port is just 50 mins (29 km) away.
  • Kattupalli Port: This multi-cargo port in North Chennai with 24×7 congestion-free routes is located at a distance of 32 km, barely 55 mins away. 
  • The Chennai International Airport, serving domestic & international flights, is accessible within 65 mins. This bodes well for businesses with larger supply chain processes. 
  • Chennai Central  Railway Station: Railway Station: Considered the busiest station in South India, it is one of the prominent hubs in the country. This station is just 55 mins away (32 km) from the location. 
  • Ponneri Railway  Station: This station on the Chennai Central–Gummidipoondi section is located at a distance of 13 km (20 mins). 
  • Kavaraipettai  Railway Station: This key junction can be reached within 20 mins (16km).

Overall, the multi-modal connectivity ensures timely delivery of your goods and better commute options for your employees.

Significant growth opportunity

The other aspect of a lucrative location is presenting higher business reach. The strategic placement of Hiranandani Industrial Parks in Red Hills, Chennai, helps meet the rising demands of the consumer market and caters to major manufacturing hubs around the city.

  • Chennai CBD: This prominent area hosts many Grade-A offices, including international firms; it is just a 40-minute drive (27 km) from Hiranandani Industrial Parks.
  • Sri City: This smart integrated business city is located at a distance of 48 km (75 mins). 
  • Madhavaram: This industrial zone in Greater Chennai Corporation is just 30 mins away (18 km) from the industrial park. 

State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd (SIPCOT) clusters:

  • Tiruvallur: This city harbours several manufacturing facilities for top companies in India, an ideal opportunity for the warehousing/3PL industry with potential clients. It is located 60 mins (43 km) from the industrial park.
  • Gummidipondi: This industrial town in Chennai is located 19km (30 mins) from Red Hills. 
  • Sriperumbudur: This rapidly emerging industrial town is located 58 km (80 mins).

Apart from the industrial hubs, economic corridors play a crucial part in enhancing your business 

  • CBIC – Ponneri Node: The Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor, undertaken by TIDCO, is a crucial node connecting several cities in other states. This junction is just 25 mins (15 km) from our location.

Other major economic corridors and market areas in proximity include–

  • Tamil Nadu Defence Corridor
  • Thervoy  Kandigai Chennai-Bangalore Industrial  Corridor
  • Located off NH-16, on NH-15 Tirupati Road

50 minutes easy access to key-consumption zones


The dynamic industrial infrastructure in proximity to Hiranandani Industrial Parks aids manufacturing, production, storage, client acquisition, and supply chain processes. This makes our warehouse in chennai the most conducive option, with significant scope for your business growth.

Social Infrastructure

Besides a solid foundation for industrial infrastructure, Hiranandani Industrial Parks Chennai also presents a feasible social infrastructure in the vicinity, ensuring optimum convenience for employees and security for your warehouse for rent in Chennai

MANPOWER HUB Karanodai & Thatchoor are villages within 5 – 6 km for labour, while Red Hills is equipped with a skilled workforce. 

FIRE STATION Gummidipoondi fire station – 19 kms

ELECTRIC SUBSTATION TN Electricity Board Tirupathi Road- 2.5 km 

POLICE STATION Kavaraipettai Police Station- 9.3 km

LOCAL BUS SERVICE convenient bus stop on a state highway

HOSPITAL Aishwarya Medical Foundation Koot Rd.- 1 km

HOTEL OPTIONS OYO and SPOT ON are available within a radius of 4- 5 kms.OVERALL SECURITY ASPECT Nearing villages like Periyapalayam, Thatchoor, and Kannigaipair are well-habited zone, assuring secured vicinity for our warehouse rental spaces in Chennai.

Customize storage solutions as per your business

We first understand clients’ needs and consult according to their business goals. With multi-faceted design flexibility, the floor plates are customisable, which enhances efficiency.

These built-to-suit spaces are designed according to your size requirements but are in-built with the following features:

  • 12 meters at Eaves
  • Industrial FM2 Flooring
  •  5MT/sq. mt.Floor Loading Capacity
  • Sprinkler System
  • Firefighting Systems & Fire Extinguishers
  • 125 kVA/lac sq. ft. Electrical Requirements  
  • 4.5 meters wide Canopy 
  • Single side docking that allows complete privacy between warehouses. 
  • Gated Property with CCTV Monitoring & 24X7 Park Level Security. 

All the state-of-the-art facilities present a secured warehouse for your business while ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Cost feasibility in warehouse operations

One of the key advantages of Hiranandani Industrial Parks is the progressive infrastructure. With the Grade-A quality, several facilities and mechanisms are integrated within the premises, such as–

Energy-efficient methods minimize power consumption and subsequently save operational costs. 

  • Skylights and Ventilation
  • External Lighting with LED
  • Solar power systems

The following eco-friendly practices and flood-proof mechanisms ensure a sustainable environment for warehouse in Chennai. 

  • Abundant green spaces for water percolation
  • Miyawaki Forest to enhance green cover
  • Compliance with statutory pollution control norms
  • Optimisation of rainwater via recharge pits
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Waste management
  • High-quality materials used in construction
  • Robust stormwater drainage system to withstand maximum rainfall
  • Semi-paved areas provided for water percolation
  • Roof slopes designed for quick water drainage

Well-structured Road Infrastructure streamlines functioning with time efficiency.

  • 15m wide road at the entrance
  • 9m wide road
  • 16.5 m wide apron
  • 28m distance between warehouses
  • 2.5m wide pedestrian path
  • 8m turning radius


These three-fold aspects offer a cost-effective ecosystem for your business– with energy conservation, sustainability, and time efficiency.

These three-fold aspects offer a cost-effective ecosystem for your business– with energy conservation, sustainability, and time efficiency.


Is it better to rent a warehouse or buy?

Any commercial space is way more expensive than residential property. Committing to a warehouse space requires a massive down payment. And your investment varies depending on the size. 

When you rent a warehouse, you have a flexible lease contract which can be adjusted according to your business needs. Moreover, you can shift cities at your convenience. And the significant reason is that you save a lot of money. 

How much does it cost to rent a warehouse?

It may vary depending on the city and the size of the space. 

But there are two aspects of warehousing rent–

  1. Usable area
  2. Common area

To calculate the rent= (Usable sqft x usable sqft rate each month) + (Common area x common area rates per month).

There are two types of lease contracts–

  1. Net lease– rent + pro-rata costs (insurance, maintenance, property tax )
  2. Gross lease– a single rental payment that covers all utilities & expenses, while the lender will take care of the rest.

What are the benefits of renting a warehouse space in Chennai?

Renting a warehouse storage space in Chennai offers advantages such as convenient access to transportation routes, secure storage, and cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to store and manage their inventory.

What factors should I consider when choosing a warehouse for rent in Chennai?

When selecting a warehouse, consider factors like location, size, accessibility, security features, customization options, and rental terms to ensure it meets your specific business needs.