How to incorporate eco-friendly measures for your warehouse storage

Eco-friendly premises not only preserve the environment but also guarantee longevity.

The ‘green’ approach

Brands that incorporate eco-friendly practices are widely perceived as more trustworthy and socially responsible. The key brand values of a company considered reliable and ethical are:

  • Sustainability:

Businesses adopt eco-friendly practices in their working landscape, considering our environmental challenges—consistent efforts in sustainability guarantee a nurturing environment for your business. 

  • Awareness:

A crucial characteristic of an enterprise is a brand that is aware of how its industry contributes to climate change and ensures that they minimise these damages.  

  • Monitoring waste and recycling:

After awareness, a company should inspect not only their production value but also their byproducts. This gives an estimation of waste generated and what measures you can take to minimise them.

The recycle-reuse model in different industries, especially for a warehouse company in India, can contribute significantly to eco-friendly functioning.  

  • Brand participation in global movements:

Apart from operational-level measures, a brand should also participate in global environmental protection initiatives such as Green Heart, the UN Environment Program, GEMI (global environmental Management Initiative), and many more.  

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Encouraging your employees to abide by eco-friendly practices and regular volunteering work creates a positive impression of your company. 

Every employee participates in the yearly tree plantation events with over 40000 trees planted to date, thus partaking in the CSR. 

  • Promoting an ethical environment

The Green Hub initiative by House of Hiranandani contributes to the environment with afforestation, horticulture, and energy conservation. Man-made forests, eco-friendly waste disposal, modern irrigation methods, rainwater harvesting, and many more measures have rendered this brand influential. Thus, promoting such ethical measures has generated awareness and a sense of responsibility. 

Hiranandani Industrial Parks follows similar principles at their warehousing services in Chennai. Your company gets an efficient infrastructure, sustainable landscape, and you contribute to the social cause with green warehousing. 

Here are a few measures that you can incorporate into your warehouse, complying with the above brand values:

Minimizing the use of air-conditioning

Warehouses can be exhausting with continuous operations and heavy storage systems, creating a warm atmosphere. While an easier solution is to install air conditioning systems, with the scale of these spaces, you may have to churn out huge expenses.

Instead, designing warehouse spaces with proper ventilation systems can help maintain a cool temperature. With a green cover surrounding your warehouse, it gets a supply of fresh air throughout. 

Hiranandani Industrial Parks have integrated both facets with–

  • Skylights and air vents to keep the warehouse well-lit with cool temperatures, thus conserving energy. 
  • Whereas the wide open green spaces dispense breezy air and induce calmness.

Integrating energy-efficient methods

Several warehousing companies in Chennai have integrated energy-efficient methods to minimise power consumption. 

Hiranandani Industrial Parks Chennai offers grade A design and built infrastructure, which includes the following energy-efficient methods:

  • External Lighting with LED
  • Electrical Requirements: 125 kVA/lac sq. ft.
  • Design flexibility with a user-friendly design model; wherein you can optimize energy consumption with personalized mechanisms. 
  • Electrical Infrastructure with DG backup

Choose an industrial park that has already assimilated these methods into its infrastructure. You will notice significant savings in your operational costs.

Water conservation/ flood-proof mechanisms

Monsoons present several challenges for cities across India. You must choose warehousing storage solutions that are prepared for extreme climatic conditions. For example, Hiranandani Industrial Parks have introduced flood-proof mechanisms in Chennai. Some of the prominent measures include–

  • Robust stormwater drainage system to withstand maximum rainfall
  • Semi-paved areas provided for water percolation
  • Roof slopes designed for quick water drainage


  • Optimisation of rainwater via recharge pits
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Waste management

This overall mechanism allows the conservation of water and ensures continuous supply.

Incorporate a green cover

Lastly, industrial warehousing services located amidst greenery present a tranquil environment for staff/workers. Moreover, it creates a sustainable environment.

Hiranandani Industrial Parks has a vast land extent where landscape and greenery are curated for water percolation. Miyawaki forests are developed surrounding the infrastructure to enhance the green cover. Every statutory pollution control norm is complied with on the premises to ensure a conserved environment for businesses and also contribute to a better future.


1) What is green warehousing?

A: The three main factors to characterise a green warehouse are–

  • Minimising energy consumption
  • Optimising energy costs
  • Reducing GHG emissions of a warehouse.

With suitable mechanisms in the warehouse, the objective is to reduce the carbon footprint.

2) What is sustainability in warehousing?

A: Sustainability is basically a mechanism to ensure that the premises are ready for climatic conditions, power & water conservation, and presenting an overall infrastructure that allows businesses to function for the long term. 

3) How can I make my warehouse more environmentally friendly?

A: Here are a few modifications for an environmental-friendly space–

  • Ensure proper insulation for your warehouse to reduce power consumption. 
  • Energy-efficient lighting, skylights, and ventilation will allow the use of natural resources.
  • Solar panels help in energy conservation.