All you need to know about BTS – Built to suit warehouse property

India’s production/manufacturing industry has accelerated in recent years, raising the demand for befitting storage solutions. BTS warehouses are becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to lease warehouse space. Warehouse company in India now offer spaces catering to E-Commerce, FMCG, FMCD industrial, EV manufacturing, 3PL, and many more. 

So the question is, how can a single general blueprint fulfill these diversified requirements? The most pragmatic spacing solution is a built-to-suit warehouse. 

 But what exactly is a BTS warehouse, and how does it differ from other types of warehouses on the market? This blog will explore all you need to know about BTS warehouses – from what they are and how they’re built to the benefits they offer businesses. If you’re considering leasing a BTS warehouse property, read on to find out more.

What is BTS – Built to suit property?

“Built-to-Suit” is a commercial real estate development in which a property is customised specifically for a tenant’s needs. The tenant generally has a say in the design and construction of the property, and the developer builds it to their specifications. This type of development is typically used for warehouses, office buildings, and other types of industrial properties.

BTS developments can be an attractive option for tenants because they can get exactly what they need in terms of size, layout, and amenities. And because the developer takes on all the risk associated with the storage & warehousing services, tenants usually don’t have to invest a huge amount upfront. 

Built-to-suit spaces offer flexibility in the following aspects–

SIZE: Industrial Parks are usually established on a vast land parcel. This allows business owners to request extensive warehousing spaces according to their requirements. 

LOCATION: BTS arrangements also give you the liberty to choose your location preference. You can choose based on extra amenities you might need for your warehouse. 

LEASING CONTRACT: Built-to-suit spaces are generally offered under a leasing contract. You can alter the agreement according to your business progress. 

STREAMLINED OPERATIONS: BTS warehouses are designed as per your business operations. You can integrate MHE (material handling equipment), storage arrangements, and inventory management systems best suited for streamlining your functioning. 

Why is a built-to-suit warehouse important?

The key performance indicators of a business are consistency in progress, reduced operational costs, and optimum resource utilisation. A major significance of a built-to-suit warehouse is that it allows your business to progress with the following parameters–


A built-to-suit warehouse can be designed to maximize efficiency and optimize operations. The layout and design of the space can be tailored to the tenant’s specific needs, which can lead to increased productivity and decreased costs. 


A built-to-suit warehouse can be designed with future expansion in mind so that the tenant can grow into the space over time. Hiranandani Industrial Parks Chennai offers built-to-suit spaces with customisable floor plates that allow you to expand your warehouses as your business scales further. 


In recent years, Grade-A warehouses have emerged as the most preferred standards for an efficient space. Built-to-suit spaces can be strategically designed according to these standards, which include–

  1. Minimum height of 11m at the eave 
  2. The density of docks in such a park is 1 in 10000 SF on the plinth area 
  3. Range of building aspect ratio is 1.15:1:3
  4. Apron length should be a minimum of 25.5m in concrete
  5. FM2 industrial flooring with a minimum UDL (floor load) of 5T/SQM.
  6. Strategic internal roads for easy transit of heavy carriers
  7. Sustainable features for energy-efficient and eco-friendly measures. 
  8. Adequate parking spaces and entry/exit points to avoid congestion.
  9. Essential facilities like fire-fighting systems, CCTV surveillance, continuous power supply, security, and more. 

These specifications and industrial warehousing services collectively contribute to optimum results. 

As the demand for a warehouse for rent in Chennai is rising, the developers have to offer built-to-suit spaces suitable for climatic conditions. Hiranandani Industrial Parks have incorporated flood-proof mechanisms for uninterrupted functioning.

What are the benefits of a built-to-suit warehouse?

1. Cost savings – When you build a customised warehouse, you can design it as per  your needs. A built-to-suit warehouse also offers increased flexibility when it comes to leasing terms. Custom-built spaces allow you to install equipment and processes that help in cost savings. 

This can provide the tenant with much-needed stability and predictability, especially during growth or expansion.

2. Increased efficiency – A well-designed warehouse can help improve overall business efficiency and productivity. 

3. Flexibility – With a built-to-suit warehouse, you have the flexibility to change the layout or design as your needs evolve.

4. Employee and staff satisfaction –  Hiranandani Industrial Parks have also developed Miyawaki Forest surrounding the spaces that dispense fresh, breezy air in the warehouses. Such a calming environment can motivate your staff to perform better. 

Key Takeaways

  • Built-to-suit warehouses are more beneficial than ready space as they allow customisation according to the business and the industry it belongs to.
  • These spaces are highly cost-effective.
  • You can streamline your operations and integrate equipment for advanced warehousing.
  • These spaces are usually built over a large land extent, thus providing ample storage space. As a result, scalability becomes easier as your business progresses.
  • If you are looking for built-to-suit spaces, then Hiranandani Industrial Parks offers Grade A warehouses with a progressive infrastructure.


1) What is a built-to-suit warehouse?

A: It is an agreement between the developer and the client wherein the space is customised according to the client’s requirements; in terms of size, design, preferred location, and tenure. 

2) What is the meaning of built-to-suit?

A: When a space module is customised according to the specifications of one’s requirements, such spaces are called built-to-suit spaces. 

3) Is built-to-suit more expensive?

A: Leasing a built-to-suit warehouse is the most financially sound investment in a business. The contract is often flexible and allows the tenant to scale their space according to the progress of their business.