Why is Grade A warehousing most preferred among prominent companies?

Every order delivered successfully to the customer results from a systematic process. A warehouse is an epicentre for managing this sequence of operations. 

Initially, warehouses were just storage spaces commonly known as a godown in India. Over the decades, the purpose of these spaces has upgraded into a fully-functioning nucleus for any business– this includes inventory management, versatile storage solutions, order tracking, dispatch and delivery, logistics, data analysis, and much more. 

Owing to the growing demands of warehousing, these spaces are now designed with specific standard parameters to facilitate streamlined operations. These are now referred to as Grade A Warehouses.


These spaces require a firm foundation to withhold heavy storage needs, which is why there are certain defined specifications to create robust and safe spaces. A typical Grade-A warehouse storage space for rent will include the following features & parameters:


  • Minimum height at an eave– 11m
  • Building aspect ratio range– 1:1.5-1:3.
  • Number of docks– 1 in 10000 SF on plinth area or lesser
  • Warehouse flooring– FM2 industrial with a minimum floor load (UDL) of 5T/SQM.


  • Apron length in concrete– minimum 25.5 m 
  • Grade A park infrastructure– should support at least 40 FT containers. 
  • Internal Roads– Blacktop and concrete roads or smooth transit of carriers. Appropriate dimensions to accommodate these vehicles. 
  • Ample space with safety protocols for the simultaneous moving of carriers. 
  • Amenities– fire-fighting systems, CCTV surveillance, building insulations, LED lights, security system, STP & WTP facilities. 


  • Electrical infrastructure with DG backup. 
  • External LED lighting. 
  • Rain Water Recharging Pit


  • Precaution measures for extreme climatic conditions. 
  • Green open spaces– dispense fresh air and present a serene environment for workers. 


  • A dedicated parking area for trucks and 2/4 wheelers. 
  • Common Rest Area and Facilities for drivers around the Site.
  • Ensuring proximity to emergency facilities such as hospitals, fire stations, and police stations. 

Grade A warehouses with these standards have been proven to streamline and expedite business operations.

Warehousing Solutions


Several warehousing developers are offering built-to-suit warehouse spaces that customise the spaces according to your requirements and what accurately suits the specific industry standards. 

Ready Spaces: 

New-age entrepreneurs require spaces that are readily available to set up their businesses. This allows them to start business operations without investing in the enormous cost of customized warehouses. Most Warehousing companies offer leasing facilities. This warehouse storage space for rent is more budget-friendly for start-ups. 

Rising Demand for Grade A warehouses

There is no denying that Grade A warehouses are in high demand. But what is the reason for this preference?

  1. These types of warehouses offer a much higher level of security. This is extremely important for businesses that need to store high-value items or products.
  2. These standards provide a robust foundation for your storage requirements. Grade A spaces warranty long-term services for your business. 
  3. Such warehouses are also typically temperature controlled. This is ideal for businesses that need to store perishable goods or items that extreme temperatures could damage.
  4. Owing to built-to-suit provisions, these adequate spaces are suitable for storing goods ranging from FMCG, E-Commerce to FMCD industrial, EV manufacturing, etc. The 3PL industry has benefited greatly due to these versatile spaces. 
  5. Grade A warehouses usually have better access to transportation infrastructure. This means that businesses can get their products to market faster and more efficiently.

New-age consumer demands

As the e-commerce sector continues to grow, so do the demands of consumers. What was once considered an adequate warehouse is no longer good enough – customers now expect rapid delivery times and a high level of service. This has led to a rise in companies opting for grade-A warehouse space for rent, which offers better facilities and more efficient operations.

The production/manufacturing industries are experiencing a significant spurt in recent years. This has resulted in the rising necessity for suitable warehouses. These spaces are the ground zero of all further operations as they are used for storing raw materials, components, and heavy inventory. 

However, it’s not just about meeting consumer demands – grade-A warehouses also have several other benefits. For instance, they are usually located in prime locations, which can help to reduce transport costs. They also tend to be larger than other types of warehouses, making them more suitable for rapidly expanding businesses.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for warehousing, but grade-A warehouses are definitely a popular choice for many businesses. 

Chennai is an emerging industrial city that hosts most production/manufacturing companies. Hence, several warehouse developers in Chennai present industrial parks with extensive warehouse spaces. 

Hiranandani Industrial Parks in Red Hills, Chennai, offers Grade A warehouses in a prime location with all-inclusive amenities and suitable infrastructure. These versatile space solutions present scalable, sustainable, and feasible arrangements for a warehouse for rent in Chennai.


1) What is a grade-A warehouse?

A: These warehouses are classified based on certain specifications mentioned in the article above. Basically, these spaces are considered superior as they are built on the vast land extent. 

2) How do I choose a good warehouse?

A: Grade A has become the new benchmark for storage solutions. To choose a suitable warehouse, you must assess the location, parameters, facilities, and overall cost-effectiveness of the warehouse. 

Hiranandani Industrial Parks warehouse in Chennai presents a high-quality built-to-suit space for your business.

3) What makes a good warehouse?

A: The measure of a good warehouse is the one that can facilitate a systematic end-to-end cycle for your business. Grade A warehouses have proven to be the most efficient ones, considering modern requirements.