Hiranandani Industrial Parks: Providing Customized Solutions for Your Business Needs

Are you looking for a space that will enable your business to grow and expand? 

Hiranandani Industrial Parks create spaces that inspire great ideas and promote inclusive growth. With 40 years of experience in the construction vertical, we offer Grade A+ infrastructure that meets the highest quality standards.

Our spaces are designed to be agile, flexible, secure, and resilient, built to tackle the new-age challenges by leveraging operational knowledge and networking collaboration. We serve a range of sectors, including warehousing, e-commerce, 3PL, FMCG, FMCD, EV manufacturing, and industrial & manufacturing units.

Our vision is to provide best-in-class infrastructure and to be a long-term growth partner for our clients. We strive to be the chosen partner in the development of sustainable, secure, and resilient environments, while providing best-in-class warehouse infrastructure ideal for industrial expansion.

Why choose Hiranandani Industrial Parks? 

Our industrial parks are designed to be agile, flexible, secure, and resilient, allowing businesses to tackle new-age challenges with ease. With a focus on sustainability and a commitment to providing best-in-class infrastructure, Hiranandani Industrial Parks aims to be a long-term growth partner for its clients.

Sectors Served

Hiranandani Industrial Parks caters to a diverse range of sectors, including warehousing, e-commerce, 3PL, FMCG, FMCD, EV manufacturing, and industrial and manufacturing units. The company understands the unique requirements of each sector and provides customized solutions to meet their specific needs.

Park Advantages

Hiranandani Industrial Parks offers state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to global standards of asset development and management. The parks feature Grade A+ infrastructure, ensuring the highest quality and functionality. The smart warehouse design allows for optimum floor plates, facilitating efficiency and flexibility. Customers have the convenience of customizing the floor plates according to their requirements. By enabling optimization of logistic costs and providing safety, speed, and convenience, Hiranandani Industrial Parks generates value for businesses and promotes their growth.

Location Highlights

One of the key advantages of Hiranandani Industrial Parks is their strategic locations. For example, the Red Hills Chennai park is strategically located to offer seamless connectivity from several multimodal transport facilities and logistics hotspots. It is situated in close proximity to major manufacturing hubs, making it an ideal location to meet the rising demands of the consumer market. Chennai itself is a manufacturing powerhouse, providing ample work possibilities in both the manufacturing and service industries. Its well-developed network and industrial infrastructure make it an attractive destination for businesses.

Manpower Hub and Infrastructure

Hiranandani Industrial Parks in Red Hills, Chennai, is situated within 5-6 km of manpower hubs such as Karanodai, Thatchoor, and Red Hills. The park is located in a well-habited zone, ensuring safety and security. It is also in close proximity to essential services such as police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and hotels. The availability of skilled and semi-skilled workforce within a 5 km radius further adds to the park’s advantages.

Sustainability and Design

Hiranandani Industrial Parks prioritize sustainability in their designs, ensuring comprehensive growth and providing customers with an edge over others. The parks incorporate wide open green spaces, resource conservation practices like rainwater harvesting and solid waste management, and environmentally friendly designs that maximize sunlight and ventilation. These sustainable solutions not only benefit businesses but also have a positive impact on the environment and local ecosystem.

Variable Solutions

Hiranandani Industrial Parks offer variable solutions to cater to different business needs. They provide ready spaces that facilitate quick and easy setup, allowing businesses to scale their operations as and when required. The plug-and-play model enables efficient business operations, making it suitable for inventory-heavy industries like e-commerce. Additionally, Hiranandani Industrial Parks offer built-to-suit solutions, allowing businesses to customize the warehousing spaces according to their specific requirements. This option provides exclusive spaces designed to suit individual business needs, enabling longer-term occupancy and economizing investment costs.


Hiranandani Industrial Parks is a trusted partner for businesses seeking customized solutions for their specific needs. With their commitment to sustainability, best-in-class infrastructure, and strategic locations, they provide an ideal environment for businesses to grow and thrive. Whether it’s through their ready spaces or built-to-suit solutions, Hiranandani Industrial Parks ensures that businesses have the necessary resources, flexibility, and scalability to succeed in a competitive market. Choose Hiranandani Industrial Parks for a progressive business future and experience the benefits of their innovative and customer-centric approach to industrial park development.